No artificial colors, no artificial scents like "fragrance oils", & no

synthetic preservatives



"Cottage" made from scratch in small batches. No premade bases or resale private label products



Owner made by hand with raw materials. Hand cut, hand packaged, and finished with owner designed labels



We proudly support local farms. Many certified organic,  locally grown, & wild harvested ingredients collected by us tree huggers


Mostly vegan, always vegetarian. Plant based, cruelty free ingredients. We use local honey, local beeswax, and local goat's milk in some select products.

Women Owned

We run on 100% girl power. Owned, operated, and produced by two crafty,  nature loving, eco-conscious sisters.

Rocking all natural since 2012

Greener Packaging

Earth friendly, recycled, recyclable,  biodegradable, chlorine free, & minimal waste packaging whenever possible

Toxin Free

 Your skin is your largest organ & absorbs most of what's put on it. That's why we only use safer, wholesome ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Synthetic chemical free

Welcome to The Tree Hugger Soap Company

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Real. Honest. All Natural.


Nothing synthetic. Nothing artificial.

Nothing fake. Totally all natural!

Handmade. Women owned.

We follow a green+clean philosophy

to help you reduce your chemical load.

Mostly vegan, always vegetarian.

Organic & local ingredients.

Cruelty free. Recycled packaging.

Rocking all things natural.


Made For People Who Care About Ingredients.


The Tree Hugger Soap Company never uses phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic preservatives, colors, or dyes, detergents, petroleum, SLS

& other sulfates, solvents, or GMO's.

We believe in using all natural, safer, and environmentally conscious ingredients for healthier skin, healthier people,

and a healthier planet.


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Rosemary, Eucalyptus, & Mint

Mintastic, herbalicious, and loaded with organic virgin shea butter