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Looking to detox your home routine? Ditch the synthetic fragrances and opt for cleaner essential oils instead. These wax melts are scratch made in small batches and hand crafted in house by us Tree Huggers. Created with raw, local beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, and our select blends of all natural and pure essential oils. Enjoy some everyday feng shui and harmonize with your environment. We have several scents to choose from for whatever vibe suits you and your current mood.  Benefit from the aromatherapy these melts offer without the added potential dangers of an open flame candle.



Harvest Moon:  all natural, pure essential oil blend of clove, cinnamon, certified organic orange*, patchouli and ginger.


Lavender: all natural, pure essential oil blend of lavender and patchouli


Marauder's Miracle: all natural, pure essential oil blend of clove, cassia, certified organic lemon*, rosemary, and certified organic eucalyptus*


Warm Winter Cabin: all natural, pure essential oil blend of spearmint, certified organic peppermint*, cedarwood, certified organic eucalyptus* and patchouli.


*certified organic by our suppliers which we are happy to provide documention of upon request


Price is for a total of 6 wax cubes. Melts can be remelted repeatedly for several uses until scent is completely spent. 


Unlike most wax melts, these are plastic free and are packaged in bleach free biodegradable cardbooard and paper material. The single use clamshell plastic packaging most melts come in is not recyclable and ends up in the landfills or oceans.

All Natural Beeswax Melts

  • Ingredients: certified organic coconut oil*, raw, unrefined local beeswax, all natural blend of pure essential oils

    *Certified organic by our suppliers

  • Each package contains 6 cube melts. Use under adult supervision only. Never leave wax melters on without supervision. As with all of our products, this is made from natural products and are most fragrant within several months of purchase.

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