Our Story...

In The Beginning

We are two sisters who have become tired and fed up with all of the suspicious ingredients found in conventional, store-bought products, have you? Hormone disrupters, allergens, and carcinogens, to name a few. So, we began our journey to rid our home and family of these not-so-safe products because toxic chemicals suck.

Dealing personally with issues like allergies, autism, asthma, eczema, as well as other skin issues and health problems, we set out to make skin-healthy products for ourselves and our families that are made with all natural, high quality, non-toxic ingredients. We believe in using all natural, safer, and environmentally conscious ingredients for healthy skin, healthy people, and a healthy planet. 


What We Make and How We Make It

We hand-make all natural soap and other creations that have none of that other garbage and that are totally all natural and totally rock! We hand-make everything from scratch from start to finish in small, artisanal batches that are full of awesome things like organic virgin shea nut butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and pure essential oils. Unlike most soap makers, we never use any artificial colors or fragrance. This alone makes us pretty special.


The Tree Hugger Soap Company® uses many local ingredients, some right from our own gardens and some that we wild harvest ourselves when we are out communing with nature. We also source many of our herbs, spices, and other ingredients from organic and local growers we have met along the way. How cool is that?


When we first set up shop in the Spring of 2012 and decided to go strictly all natural we thought, can we do this? Then we said, challenge accepted! We love experimenting with all natural ingredients like essential oils and botanicals, and creating new scents and products as well as making our tried and true long time favorites. Whether we are testing a new recipe or making something for the 100th time, we always seem to learn something new and have a lot of fun doing it. Researching new ingredients and techniques is always interesting and learning how to use them never has a dull moment. My sister and I are passionate about what we do and are devoted to our craft. Although our strictly all natural products are more challenging to make and more labor intensive, we consider them a labor of love and are proud of our time and effort because we know we are making the very best that's totally all natural.  Our standards are high and a lot of thought and research has been put into our creations. 


Our Memberships

We tree huggers have been hand crafting artisanal soap and bath & body products for several years and are loyal, longtime members of The Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild as well as members of Ohio Proud, an organization through our state's Department of Agriculture, that recognizes and promotes products grown and/or made in Ohio. We also have taken a Truth in Labeling Pledge only to make all natural products and to disclose all of our ingredients. We are always looking to pursue more certifications, memberships, and education, so stay tuned.


Meet The Makers

When not making soap, Julia works for a national bank and has fun wrangling her toddler grandson. She likes to grow veggies, flowers, and herbs and walk her two dogs. She has a master's degree and is always expanding her repertoire of essential oil, herb, and soap making knowledge.  Tammy is a registered nurse at a local hospital who has a bachelor's degree. Her other job is trying to feed a teenage son with the appetite of a college linebacker. She likes to hike, forage for and wild harvest herbs, edibles, and medicinals, and try new recipes.


Our Mission

After years of experience researching, perfecting, and enjoying our creations, we would like to share them with you and your family. We are two sisters on a quest to live clean & healthy, use and make clean & healthy products, and share them with the world. By day we have pesky professional jobs and by night we are Tree Hugger soaperstars creating skin-loving products free of synthetic chemicals to help you reduce your body burden.

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