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Onward to More Soaping Adventures!

Happy Anniversary to The Tree Hugger Soap Company! It's been an exciting, interesting 8 years of running a small business. Our passion and inspiration from mother nature and living clean, simple, and synthetic chemical free evolved into our baby, The Tree Hugger Soap Company. Through ups and downs with medical problems, family issues, and other obstacles, we kept our little business going strong because of the love of creating all natural products that help you, not harm you and that help protect the environment. That's what never stops motivating us. Making soap and other products that cleanse, nourish, and soothe your skin while feeling amazing. Accomplishing all of this without compromising on quality and keeping things 100% natural using local, organic, and wild crafted ingredients is our modus operandi.

I can't wait to try some new recipes that we've been working on, getting back to the farmer's markets, craft shows, and other events that have affected this year from Covid-19, and making Tree Huggers even bigger and better. We are new to the blogging sphere and will give it a whirl so stay tuned as we feel our way through and slowly add to our story

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