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This awesome smelling essential oil roll-on helps ease headaches, migraines and can even help with nausea. The Bulgarian lavender, organic peppermint, organic eucalyptus and Indian frankincense work synergistically to alieviate headache, tension and stress. Blended in a base of long-lasting jojoba oil, it smells divine and can even be used as a perfume.


Price is per each individual 10 ml roll-on.


Roll under nostrils, temples, shoulders, inside of elbows, wrists, or any pulse point.


Keep in your purse, at home, at work and school and your head will be grateful!


Tree Huggers Rock! All products are free of sythetic fragrance, synthetic color, synthetic colors and preservatives. We use all natural, organic and local ingredients!


Ingredients: certified organic golden jojoba oil,

lavender essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil, organic Eucalyptus globulus and smithii oils, Indian frankincense, rosemary essential oil.


Ships within 2 days.

Grateful Head Essential Oil Headache Roll-On

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